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Livable Memphis Mission

  • Livable Memphis - which represents a diverse group of local stakeholders - supports the development and redevelopment of healthy, vibrant, and economically sustainable communities in Shelby County. We do this by educating residents, building consensus on a shared vision of livable communities, and promoting public policies that further that vision.

Our Values

    Livable Memphis is one of the few local organizations that share and demonstrate many of the same values of community leaders and everyday citizens. These values are the foundation upon which Livable Memphis thrives. Livable Memphis believes in enhancing the Memphis region with balanced development, shared benefits and costs, access and choice, community input and collaboration, environmental protection, and smart spending. Click on the link to read more.

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Forget it

h..yeah, that sounds real nice, but you made a wonderful argument on why NOT TO LIVE there. So you want us to ignore the crime, ignorance, corruption and outright danger of living there? Wonderful. Check the Census stats, check the crime stats, worst crime in the U.S. next to Detroit. If you want people to move to Memphis, people there are going to have to start giving a shit about each other, and not just their own race. That place is pathetic. I was there for 27 years and left before it killed me.

Great advice for those in the tourism industry!
Now, what do those of us who have to survive it do???

air yeezy

Glad to have your information. i just respond to inform you that everything on your pages is wonderful. thank you very much!

Air Jordans

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